Sub-Branch Current Limiting Panelboard

Helps meet Energy Code Regulations
The Benjamin ArcLight Track Light Limiter (ArcLight TLL) provides a mechanism to meet energy code mandates by limiting the current in Track Light applications by lowering the VA rating of each Track Light circuit.

Simplifies Load Calculations
The energy code calculations are based on the connected loads instead of the length of the lighting track. The Benjamin ArcLight TLL panel simplifies the calculated loads while maintaining compliance with state regulations.

Reduce Installation Costs
The Benjamin ArcLight TLL panel is a series-connected device that is interposed between the branch circuit breaker panel and the track lighting system.

New and Retrofit Applications
The Benjamin ArcLight TLL panel is used wherever showcase lighting is applied. Retail installations, grocery stores, and warehouse shopping centers are some examples of the countless locations where it is in use today.

Flexible Mounting Options

  • Surface or flush wall mount
  • Raintight Enclosures
  • Current Limiting for up to 32 circuits
  • Arrives ready to Install